Adorable Boy Doll Sewing Patterns

There are lots of cute girly doll toys and patterns out there, but what about the boys?

Whether the little boy in your life wants to play make-believe with a toy that looks just like him, or your daughter wants a little boy for her girly dolls to play with, here are the most adorable boy doll sewing patterns and tutorials:

Why should girls have all the fun? Make your own cute boy doll with these 12 adorable boy doll sewing patterns and tutorials | DIY | Threadistry

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Fun Boy Doll Sewing Patterns

For your classic little boy, try the Charlie Boy Cloth Doll by Blue Whimsy. How cute is that teeny tiny shirt?

Boy and Girl Superhero doll sewing tutorial.

If your child is more interested in superheros, try the free Superhero doll pattern by Lisa Tilse from The Red Thread.

Arthur Cabbage boy doll sewing pattern

Arthur Cabbage  is a boy doll pattern with lots of character, by Ricrac.

Simple free boy dolly sewing pattern

This free simple boy dolly pattern is from Fluffyland, and would make a great project for beginners.

Duco And Teddy: boy doll sewing pattern with teddy bear and bunny slippers

The Duco & Teddy pattern from Superskattig is just adorable, complete with teddy, pajamas and bunny rabbit slippers.

Dad-like boy doll sewing pattern from Shiny Happy World

Karl with a K has a certain Dad kind of style to him (pattern by Shiny Happy World).

For a completely different style, check out the Lil' Drummer Boy pattern by Dusty Cupboard Prims.

Boy doll sewing pattern available on Etsy

This Boy Doll by PickledTink is another one with a personality all of its own.

Fireman felt "paper" doll ITH sewing project

For simple fun, play dress ups with these Felt "Paper" Dolls, including police, fireman and running outifts, from Hug Longer.

Boy Doy Sewing Pattern from Sew Eleven

Noah, the Boy Doll Sewing Pattern from Sew Eleven, has the cutest little shorts and shoes. How adorable would it be to have matching clothes with his owner!
Hans from Retromama is a handsome boy doll wearing cute overalls.

Hans from Retromama is a handsome boy doll wearing cute overalls.

What a fun collection of boy dolls! Which is your favourite boy doll sewing pattern?

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