Catch the mess with the best baby bib sewing patterns

Babies are messy. It's a fact of parenthood.

Some babies are dribblers, some babies throw up all the time. If you survive the first 5-6 months without these problems, get ready for the mess when it's time for solids.

I remember a friend who freaked out when her first child stuck her hand in the baby food. One parent held the baby's hand in the air while the other parent rushed to get a cloth to make sure the mess didn't spread. It's much easier to just have a big pile of baby bibs.
You can never have too many baby bibs. If you're struggling for ideas for a DIY baby shower gift, sew up some baby bibs (although be prepared for them to not be looking so cute when they've been used a few times. In fact, use your busiest, most colourful print to hide all the stains and Mum will love them!

I love making baby bibs for DIY baby shower gifts. Lots of different baby bib sewing patterns and tutorials to choose from here. Some are even free! The flower one would look adorable on a diaper cake!

Keep your baby's clothes clean and tidy with these baby bib sewing patterns:

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Simple and Practical Baby Bib Sewing Patterns

simple DIY baby bib sewing tutorial.

The simple DIY baby bib sewing tutorial from Alice and Lois lets your favourite fabric be centre stage, but backed with terry cloth for extra absorbency.

Bapron baby bib sewing pattern for babies and toddlers by Craftiness is Not Optional.

The Bapron is a combined bib and apron sewing pattern from Craftiness is Not Optional, and comes in toddler and baby sizes

Reversible pullover bib sewing tutorial

Reversible pullover bib sewing tutorial on FabricWorm.

catcher style baby bib with a pocket on the front free sewing tutorial

Learn how to sew a baby bib with a pocket (that actually catches spills) with this free baby bib pattern from Cook Clean Craft on And Sew We Craft.

Baby bib sewing pattern free

Climbing The Willow has a free baby bib sewing pattern with a bit more side coverage.

Baby bib sewing pattern from LY Patterns

This Baby bib sewing pattern from LY Patterns is a simple but useful design.

Sewing tutorial for how to make baby bibs out of hand towels

This quick and easy free sewing tutorial from How Does She shows you how to make baby bibs out of hand towels.

Cute and Stylish Baby Bib Sewing Patterns

Strawberry and watermelon baby bib sewing patterns are so cute and easy to make for a baby shower gift.

The strawberry and watermelon baby bib sewing patterns from Precious Patterns are so cute and easy to make for a baby shower gift.

The Dude Babies Bib pattern from Vanilla House Designs has options for a Businessman, Cowboy and Black Tie. Too cute!

If you're sewing for a handsome lad, the Dude Babies Bib pattern from Vanilla House Designs has options for a Businessman, Cowboy and Tuxedo/Black Tie. Too cute!

Snow White and Cinderella Princess Baby Bib Sewing Pattern

To make sure the girls are just as dressed up as the boys, make a bib inspired by her favourite princess with these fun bib sewing pattterns from SewTuti.

What are your favourite baby bib sewing patterns?

More sewing inspiration: