DIY Felt Mistletoe tutorial : Quick and Easy Christmas crafts

Kisses under the mistletoe – it's a holiday tradition, but what if you can't find any mistletoe? Make your own DIY felt mistletoe, of course!

I don’t need an excuse to kiss my (not-so) baby girl, but a mistletoe hairclip adds a bit of fun to her holiday outfits. Whether you make a hairclip or ornament, here’s how to sew felt mistletoe:

A felt mistletoe ornament and mistletoe hairclip with text overlay "DIY felt mistletoe"

Here's the version I made years ago modelled by my sweet, little girl:


Who can resist kissing those chubby cheeks?


The tutorial has been update and now includes a printable template and video tutorial. Watch the video below or scroll down for the step-by-step photo tutorial.

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Felt mistletoe supplies laid out on wooden table

How to sew a Felt Mistletoe - step by step

Pattern pieces for felt mistletoe cut out of green felt

Cut out one leaf bunch and three individual leaves from green felt.

Felt mistletoe template in freezer paper stuck to green felt

The easiest way is to trace the pattern pieces onto Reynolds Freezer Paper, iron onto the felt and then cut out. The freezer paper peels off easily and can be re-used.

Hand pinching a felt mistletoe leaf

Pinch together one of the leaves of the leaf bunch pattern piece...

Hand sewing a felt mistletoe leaf

...starting from the inside of the leaf (to hide the knot)...

Hand sewing felt mistletoe

...stitch along the stem to create a cylinder, pinching as you go.

Two leaves stitched for felt mistletoe

Repeat for the next leaf, sewing from the top of the stem down to the leaf.

Hand sliding the needle under the threads of the second felt mistletoe leaf

Slide the needle under the previous stitching to get back to top of the stem. Don't pull too tight!

Sewing the third leaf of the felt mistletoe

Repeat the pinch and stitching for the third leaf, and slide the needle back to the top of the stem.

Hand pinching the long stem of the felt mistletoe

Roll and pinch the long stem of the felt mistletoe into a cylinder...

Completed main stem of DIY felt mistletoe

...and stitch into place.

Hand pinching a small felt mistletoe leaf

Pinch one of the small felt mistletoe leaves to curl it up...

Partially finished hand-sewn felt mistletoe

...and stitch into place part way up the stem.

Sewing the the fourth leaf of the felt mistletoe

Place along the side of the main mistletoe stem...

Fourth leaf of the felt mistletoe sewn into place

...and stitch into place.

Leaves completed on the felt mistletoe

Repeat for the last two leaves, placing them higher up the stem each time.

Seed beads added to felt mistletoe for berries

Using white thread, sew the white seed beads onto the stem, in groups of 3-5.

How to attach a hairclip to felt mistletoe

Felt mistletoe next to hairclip and two pieces of felt slightly large than the hairclip

Cut two pieces of felt slightly larger than the hairclip.

Felt hairclip cover sewn to the back of the felt mistletoe

Sew one of the felt pieces to the back of the felt mistletoe.

Small hole cut into the felt cover for the hairclip next to the felt mistletoe

Make a small cut in the other piece of felt for the prong of the hairclip to slide in.

Hairclip slid into position on felt piece, next to felt mistletoe

Slide the prong of the hairclip into the hole.

Hairclip sewn onto the back of the felt mistletoe

Stitch the hairclip piece onto the other piece on the back of the mistletoe. Here's how it looks from the front:

Felt mistletoe with the hairclip attached, view from the front

You can leave it like that, or make it even cuter by adding a red bow.

Completed DIY felt mistletoe hairclip with red ribbon bow

Get the instructions for how to tie a perfect bow here

If you'd prefer a felt mistletoe ornament rather than a hairclip, add a hanging loop of elastic or ribbon. A bunch of three sprigs makes a cute ornament. Watch the video aat the top of the post to see how I did it.

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