Fave Fabric Friday: Chicken fabrics

Fave Fabric Friday: what is my favourite fabric this week?

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It's time for another Fave Fabric Friday, and this week, it's going to be a bit random. My 9-year-old son loves chickens. I don't know why. We don't have chickens (although there used to be a couple at our old school - Google and Bing). I've added a few chicken patterns to Threadistry, but today, I'm pecking around for chicken fabric.

Surprisingly (well to me anyway!), there are a lot of different chicken fabrics out there! Firstly, there is the Chicken Chique collection by Loralie Designs:

Chicken Chique fabric collection by Loralie Designs

This collection includes:

Michael Miller has the Just Us Chickens collection:

Just Us Chickens fabric collection from Michael Miller

This collection has Funky Chickens in peach and light blue colour-ways, What Came First in dark blue and grey, plus other coordinating basic prints.

Timeless Treasures has the Rise and Shine collection, with French Rooster patchwork, tossed roosters and stripes:

Rise and Shine rooster fabric from Timeless Treasures

For a more subtle design, Island Batik have the Fresh Vineyard Roosters in Jungle Water (which would be perfect for my son whose favourite colour is green) and the Empress Garden Rooster in Mixed Berry:

And then there are the random one-off chicken fabrics, like Knitting Chickens from Timeless Treasures:

Knitting chickens quilting cotton chicken from Timeless Treasures

And Stof Zazou (which also comes with pink and purple chickens):

Stof Zazou quilting cotton fabric

All Cooped Up is another chicken fabric panel, designed by Debi Hron for Henry Glass & Co:

All cooped up chicken panel fabric

This comfy flannel with roosters and eggs would make snuggly pajamas for my son:

Flannel fabric with chickens, roosters and eggs on it - perfect for snuggly pajamas or cuddly blankets.

There's also the Free Range collection from P Kaufmann which includes this twill fabric:

Free Range twill chicken fabric from P Kaufmann

Maybe my son can have a nice formal pair of chicken pants!

While this is more than enough for me, if you search for chicken on Fabric.com, there are currently 193 fabrics. Wow! Obviously, my son isn't the only person in the world who loves chickens!