Fave Fabric Friday: Rosebud Minky

Fave Fabric Friday: what is my favourite fabric this week?

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Fave Fabric Friday is a snugglier option this week: Rosebud minky from Michael Miller.

Rosebud Minky fabric in colour orchid from Michael Miller Fabrics

Rosebud minky is a fun textured fabric with a 5mm pile in a subtle rosette pattern. It's soft and snuggly and perfect for blankets or the backing of quilts. It's a bit more interesting and girly than plain minky or minky dots, and adds a wow factor.

Rosebud Minky fabric in creams and browns - perfect for sewing teddy bears.

It's available in a broad range of colours. The creams, tans and browns would be perfect for making teddy bears.

Rosebud minky fabric from Michael Miller in purples, pinks and blues

If you're looking for something more colorful, there's lots of pinks, purples and blues. It makes a snuggly dressing gown or robe, like this one uploaded by Jackie W on Pinterest:

Bath robe or dressing gown sewn with rosebud minky fabric.

I can also imagine it making a lovely scarf to keep warm in winter, or a bolero jacket or cardigan. It would also add a bit of character to clothing as an accent.

Now, minky can be a bit of a pain to sew with - it's slippery and tends to slide all over the place - but when it's this pretty, how can you not use it?

What would you sew with Rosebud Minky?


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