Fave Fabric Friday: True Love by Libs Elliott

Fave Fabric Friday: what is my favourite fabric this week?

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This week for Fave Fabric Friday I went in search of fabrics for my 9-year-old son. I don't have any projects in particular in mind, but I have a mountain of fabrics in my stash for my daughter, but not much for my son. When I want to sew something for him, I've got nowhere to start!

He's also at a difficult age for fabric shopping. He's too old for the cutesie prints, he's not into in camouflage gear, and it's a real struggle to find something that suits him (that's not chickens!).

When I was about to give up, this fabric caught my eye:

Pony Boy in green , fabric from the True Love collection by Libs Elliott for Andover Fabrics. 

This is Pony Boy in green from the True Love collection by Libs Elliott for Andover Fabrics. My son's favourite colour is green (although this might be a little brighter than he'd normally choose!), and I love geometric designs. This one really caught my eye. This print also comes in black and white.

Black and white fabrics from the True Love collection by Libs Elliott

There are lots of different black and white fabrics in the collection with various geometric prints (that start to make your eyes go funny if you stare at them too long!).

Black and white fabrics with a splash of colour from the True Love collection by Libs Elliott

Then there are the fabrics that have a splash of colour amongst all the black and white.

True Love fabric from Libs Elliott and Andover fabrics

Although I don't think I'd use Flash (available in black or white) in something for my son but it would be great for someone who sews (hey, that's me!).

Exploding Star free quilt pattern using the True Love fabric collection by Libs Elliott

Andover Fabrics have released the Exploding Stars free quilt pattern, featuring the fabrics in this collection.

So what do you think? Is it too dark for a 9-year-old? This collection has really caught my eye!