How to sew a felt apple pie

My daughter wanted to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood for fairy tale day at school. I still have a class photo from fairy tale day at school when I was the same age. Unfortunately, I was one of three kids off to the side who forgot to dress up! I'm not going to let that happen to my daughter!

While I had fun making a Little Red Riding Hood costume for her (and I'll share that with you another day!), I loved the idea of her carrying a felt food treat to take to Grandma's house. It was just the excuse I needed to pull out my felt stash and get stitching. I remember Little Red Riding Hood taking apple pie to Grandma's house (although the book we have has a jar of jam and other treats). 

So I made a simple DIY felt apple pie for her basket.

When she's not dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, it's perfect for a tea party with her toys.

Here it is ready to be wrapped in a tea towel to take to Grandma's house.

Here's how to sew a felt apple pie.


1 sheet of light brown felt
1 sheet of beige/cream felt
1 cardboard cereal box (or other lightweight card)
Polyfill (optional)
Needle, thread, scissors
Sticky tape
Printable template/pattern - download here.


1. Cut out 6 of each of the pattern pieces in felt and cardboard. Cut the top, base and crust from light brown felt and cut the filling/side from beige felt. Use the outer line for the felt and the inner line for the cardboard.

2. Fold the filling piece of cardboard in half. Tape the cardboard pieces together as shown to make a pie slice. Stuff with polyfill before taping the last section (optional) - this will stop the pie being crushed when played with.

3. Sew the shorter side of the pie filling to one edge of the pie base using a whipstitch.

4. Fold the pie base, and sew the filling to the other edge of the pie base.

5. Sew the short edge of the pie crust to the pie filling, using a whipstitch.

6. Continue whip-stitching the edge of the crust to the base.

7. And then whipstitch the second small edge of the crust to the filling.

8. Whipstitch the pie top to one side of the pie filling.

9. Insert the cardboard insert for the piece of pie.

10. Whipstitch the second edge of the top to the filling.

11. Using a running stitch, stitch the crust of the pie to the pie top, as shown below:

Here's what it looks like from the bottom.

12. Repeat for the other 5 pie slices, and before you know it, you'll have a full apple pie, all sliced and ready to serve with tea.

Can you blame the Big Bad Wolf for wanting to eat that yummy felt apple pie?

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How to sew a felt apple pie. A great addition to the play food collection. I made mine for my daughter's basket for her Little Red Riding Hood costume. So easy! | DIY sewing tutorial | Threadistry