A Mantra for Sewing

Sewing has a certain routine to it. When I'm sewing away, this little mantra pops into my head:

Sew, snip, press
Sew, snip, press

First I sew my seams. Then I snip my threads. Lastly, I press my seams.

Sew, Snip, Press - a mantra for sewing

Following this mantra creates a professional finish to my clothes. I'm not left with a million thread ends going everywhere, getting caught in seams, and generally making a mess. My seams sit nicely from being pressed. There's no funny bumps where seams overlap.

I've set up my sewing space to make this even easier:

Keep your thread scissors and ironing board handy to make sewing, snipping and pressing easier.

My scissors rest on the bobbin winder for my sewing machine, so they're always on hand. My ironing board is right next to my sewing machine, and the ironing board is at a low height. If I'm doing a lot of sewing, and the kids aren't around, I leave my iron on while I sew. A quick swivel on my sewing chair, and I press my seams.

What is your sewing mantra?