Create an amazing miniature sewing display

Do you collect anything? My Mum used to collect crystal and glass figurines. When Christmas came around, it was always easy to find something to add to Mum's collection. Each year, we'd watch her collection grow and remember who gave her which one and why.

I don't have a collection of my own (unless you count my extensive fabric collection!), and my family always find it hard to find something to buy for me.

I was procrastinating last week by poking around on Etsy, looking for cute sewing supplies and inspiration. I was looking for ideas for my Christmas list and discovered the world of miniature sewing supplies.

That's it! That's my collection that my family can help build (along with the memories). There's one shelf that's not overflowing with fabric, so I'm going to create a miniature sewing display.

I love my daughter's dollhouse, but it needs a sewing room. Lucky I have a spare shelf in my sewing room. I love the ideas for how to make a miniature sewing room, complete with tiny sewing machine, ironing board, thread spools, pin cushions, a dress form and more accessories. Fun DIY inspiration from Etsy for the home and a great gift idea for Christmas or birthday for someone who loves to sew.

There are so many cute miniature sewing items on Etsy, my family will never be short of ideas! Here are my favourites for creating a miniature sewing display

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Miniature vintage Singer sewing machine

You have to start a miniature sewing display with a sewing machine, and vintage adds to the charm. I love the Miniature vintage Singer sewing machine from M for Miniatures.

Dollhouse Miniature Thread spool wall rack kit

I don't have a thread rack for my own threads (they're shoved in a drawer), but my display would look perfect with a Dollhouse Miniature Thread spool wall rack kit (from Sinny's Mini Art) on the wall.

Miniature vintage doll house sewing machine, mini iron, ironing board and miniature handmade quilt

Of course I'll need to press those mini seams, so an iron and ironing board is required. Heres's a cute set including a miniature vintage doll house sewing machine, mini iron, ironing board and miniature handmade quilt from Quiltessa Natalie.

Miniature Sewing Threads Dollhouse Thread Supplies

More thread - how adorable is the Miniature sewing thread collection from Embellishment Buttons.

Miniature dollhouse fabric

My miniature sewing display, of course, needs mountains of fabric to be realistic. Or maybe it is all stored neatly in crates like this dollhouse fabric from Sasha's Store.

Miniature Dollhouse Sewing Hutch and shelves

I want this Dollhouse Sewing Hutch and shelves from Ribbonwood Cottage in full size for my sewing room, but miniature will have to do!

Miniature sewing pattern envelopes

Since I love to sew clothes, the Miniature sewing pattern envelopes from Book Bizarre are a must!

Miniature lace and ribbon cards

Sewing looks so much more professional when there's trim. These miniature lace and ribbon cards are from Baking In Miniature.

Miniature vintage button card

How cute are these Miniature vintage button cards from Anabela Miniatures?

Miniature sewing basket

I'll need a Miniature sewing basket for miniature sewing on the go. This one is from Tiny Dwelling.

Miniature sewing button cards for dollhouse

And a miniature sewing room can't have too many buttons. Here are more miniature sewing button cards, this time from Bette Miniatures.

Miniature sewing patterns for dollhouse

After you've been miniature op-shopping, of course you'll come home with miniature vintage sewing patterns (from Baking In Miniature).

Sewing pattern for miniature sewing accessories

If you want to make something for your miniature sewing room, Ribbonwood Cottage has a sewing pattern for miniature sewing room decor, including a sewing machine cover, pin cushion and mannequin.

Miniature hexagon paper pieces for dollhouse quilt

Make a miniature hexie quilt for your dollhouse with these 3/8" hexagon paper pieces from Miss Leela Handmade.

I'm already making plans to take over my daughter's dollhouse and turn it into a sewing house (just like her bedroom!).

Why not create your own Christmas tradition and build your own miniature sewing display!

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