Magical unicorn sewing kits for kids of all ages (and adults too!)

Do you know a girl who is crazy about unicorns? My daughter is obsessed, but she can't be the only one. Everywhere I look, there is something with a unicorn on it.

With my daughter's birthday and Christmas around the corner, I'm looking for the perfect unicorn gift. But just buying unicorn wall art or toy only brings joy for a short while, and then my daughter gets bored.

Why not have her make her own present? She learns a new skill and has fun creating. Then she has the satisfaction of knowing it's her handiwork whenever she looks at that unicorn pillow. Isn't that so much better?

I know I could head to the sewing store and buy a pattern and all the supplies, but in this busy season, it's so much easier to get a unicorn craft set - a little box of joy containing everything a girl needs to make her own unicorn. 

Here are the most gorgeous unicorn sewing kits, going from simplest to more complex, suitable from younger girls right through to tweens and teens (and maybe even a unicorn-loving adult too!):

Unicorn craft kits are a cute gift for girls, including tweens and teens. Learn to sew or cross-stitch with these awesome unicorn sewing kits, from felt or other fabrics. Fun and easy DIY gifts for Christmas or Birthday for kids.

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Are you looking for just a unicorn sewing pattern, rather than a kit?
Click through to find the cutest unicorn sewing patterns.

Felt Unicorn Sewing Kits

These felt unicorn sewing kits from Baker Ross are a simple unicorn shape for kids to sew together. Self-adhesive felt decorations are included to add the details of the unicorn. This is a cute kit for ages 5+, although some adult help may be required to add the mane for younger kits. The finished unicorn is approximately 7 inches.

The felt unicorn applique kit from Dimensions Learn-a-Craft includes pre-cut felt with pre-punched holes and pretty rainbow background fabric. It also includes an embroidery hoop, which makes it easier for younger kids to hold the project. It's listed as for ages 8+, although with supervision, it could be done by a slightly younger child. I love the gold glitter fabric to give it a bit of sparkle.

This Unicorn sewing kits from Sew Simply includes felt sheets, embroidery floss, buttons, ric rac and lots of other sewing supplies, in a cute little suitcase. Gotta love when I gift comes with quality storage! The projects include two types of unicorn, a rainbow rain cloud and different stars. This is suited to an older kid who can cut out their own felt and sew without pre-punched holes. This allows for greater creativity and kids aren't limited to the directions in the box. It is recommended for ages 7+.

Felt unicorn sewing kit from Delilah Iris.

Delilah Iris has a range of "make your own unicorn" kits, with different colour options, plus Mommy and Me unicorns that are just adorable. They are suitable for the older or more experienced child sewist.

The Cleververse Unicorn Plush Toy Sewing Kit for Girls includes supplies for an adorable rainbow handbag (or unicorn pet carrier) with the unicorn plush toy. With embroidery for the face and wings and more pieces to make a 3D toy that can stand up by itself, this kit is suited to a child who is ready to move on from the basic kits or an older child. It's recommended for age 8+.


The Wildflower Toys Unicorn craft set has supplies to make 2 felt unicorns (or alicorns, since wings are included too!), and is perfect for ages 7+. The colourful wool manes and laser-cut wings make a gorgeous unicorn toy.

Felt garland craft kit including a fairy, unicorn, bunny, rainbow, owl, toadstool and deer

For something more complicated, get the Enchanted Forest garland sewing kit that includes supplies for a fairy, toadstool, deer, rainbow, owl and rabbit as well as a unicorn. It's a perfect wall-hanging for a girl's room.

Fabric Unicorn Sewing Kits

For the tween or teen unicorn lover, there's the Knot-A-Unicorn Hat Kit from Alex DIY. Parts of the hat are sewn and the mane section is knotted together. While the box states it's for age 6+, it is more suited for ages 10+. Just beware - there is glitter fabric included in the kit, and you will end up with glitter everywhere!

Tip: spray the pieces with hairspray to stop the glitter from shedding!

Unicorn doll fabric panel

This isn't quite a kit as you'll need to get stuffing and thread, but this unicorn doll fabric panel is a simple and easy way to sew your own unicorn.

Unicorn pillow sewing kit from SewCraftCook.

If your child is ready to use a sewing machine, this unicorn pillow sewing kit from Sew Craft Cook is a sweet sewing project. This pillow is 13 x 9 inches ( 33 x 22cm), and there is also a mini-kit available, which can be sewn by machine or hand.

Lisa the Unicorn quilt kit from Sew Elegantly - quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

If you're looking for for a Unicorn quilt kit, Sew Elegantly has a small quilt kit with the Lisa the Unicorn quilt pattern from Elizabeth Hartman with enough fabric for four blocks. (Get just the quilt block pattern here). You could also use this as a unicorn cushion sewing kit.

Unicorn Cross-Stitch Kits

Watercolour Unicorn Cross Stitch Kit from Meloca Designs

The Watercolour Unicorn Cross Stitch Kit from Meloca Designs is an elegant design, suitable for all ages, but would appeal to the unicorn-loving teen. Note: this kit doesn't come with an embroidery hoop, but you can purchase them separately from the same store.

Rainbow unicorn cross-stitch kit from Sew Cross Handmade

We all know the best unicorns have a rainbow mane. I love the rainbow unicorn cross-stitch kit from Sew Cross Handmade with its beautiful colours.

Unicorn on a rainbow cross-stitch kit from Ritacuna

Following on from the rainbow theme, this cross-stitch kit from Ritacuna has a unicorn with a rainbow moon jumping over a rainbow. Rainbows and unicorns just go perfectly together!

Unicorn cross-stitch kit from the Make Arcade

The colourful Unicorn mini cross-stitch kit from the Make Arcade is only 3 inches in diameter so it's a small quick project, but has lots of colour!

Unicorn Embroidery Kits

Unicorn Embroidery Hoop Kit, Craft Kit, Sewing Kit from Today We Craft

The unicorn embroidery craft kit from Today We Craft is super easy, with only one stitch type required to sew up a cute unicorn wall hanging (or turn it into a pillow!). There are step-by-step instructions plus a video tutorial. It's so cute!

Unicorn Embroidery kit from Queen Bee Stitches - lovely gift for a girl who likes to sew.

This unicorn embroidery kit from Queen Bee Stitches is perfect for someone with basic embroidery skills and is ready to try a specialty stitch (braided chain). It's a simple design that can be completed in a short time for a very pretty result!

Be Magical Unicorn embroidery kit from Oz and Belle

Oz and Belle have this "Be Magical" unicorn embroidery kit, which uses 4 different stitches (but still easy enough for a beginner). It's the perfect gift for a unicorn-lover. 

Unicorn embroidery kit from Hawthorn Handmade

This magical unicorn embroidery kit from Hawthorn Handmade is great for learning a range of embroidery stitches to create a pretty wall hanging. The kit includes pre-printed cotton fabric.

I Love Unicorns Kit

If you don't want just a sewing kit, check out the I love unicorns craft kit from Craft-tastic. This kit includes 6 unicorn craft projects, including a unicorn softie to sew, a rainbow charm and unicorn headband. It's perfect for the crafty girl.

These unicorn sewing kits make the perfect gift for the girl who loves to craft!

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