11 Merriest Christmas Ornament Sewing Patterns

Decorating the Christmas tree is such a special family tradition. Getting the ornaments out of the box, and remembering Christmases gone by. In our family, each family member has special Christmas ornaments that they hang on the tree.

Every year, we add to our ornament collection. Handmade Christmas ornaments give a special touch. You can personalise them to your family. Here are 11 of the merriest Christmas ornament sewing patterns.

Mermaid sewing inspiration

What girl doesn't love the idea of being a mermaid? Swimming through the water with grace. Enjoying a life under the sea. 

My daughter loves all things mermaid, thanks to The Little Mermaid and the Barbie Mermaid Tale movies. Here's My favourite mermaid sewing patterns and tutorials:

Welcome to Threadistry

There are so many great sewing blogs out there, so many tutorials and patterns from great indie designers. But finding the perfect pattern can be so hard. I wanted a place where I could bring them all together, make them easy to search, and allow people to share their own versions of projects. I had a dream of creating Ravelry for sewing.