Stitch Length: everything you need to know

When you first start sewing, stitch length is not something you really think about. You just start sewing with the default stitch length, whether that's programmed in a computerised machine, or whatever the dial is set on for a mechanical one.

Is that a bad thing? Probably not! Depending on what you are sewing, it's a good place to start and will work for most beginner projects. But as you sew more, you'll want to vary the length of your stitches, to suit your fabric and the purpose of your stitch. Here's everything you need to know about stitch length:

Dark Side or Rebellion? The best Star Wars Christmas Cross-Stitch patterns

If you love Christmas and you love Star Wars, why not combine the two with these Star Wars Christmas Cross-Stitch patterns?

Do you make your own Christmas decorations? I love giving a personal touch to the Christmas decor and making decorations that represent the personalities of the family. My brother has always been obsessed with Star Wars, so this Christmas I'm going to cross-stitch something with a Star Wars theme.