Magical unicorn sewing kits for kids of all ages (and adults too!)

Do you know a girl who is crazy about unicorns? My daughter is obsessed, but she can't be the only one. Everywhere I look, there is something with a unicorn on it.

With my daughter's birthday and Christmas around the corner, I'm looking for the perfect unicorn gift. But just buying unicorn wall art or toy only brings joy for a short while, and then my daughter gets bored.

Summer Festival Sewing - Super Sleeve Top

Today's my turn in the George + Ginger Festival Fever blog tour. The theme celebrates all summer festivals, from music to food. But where I live, there are no summer festivals. In fact, it's so stinking hot most people leave for as much of summer as possible. I decided to sew something that celebrates my love of sewing. Here is the Super Sleeve Top pattern from George + Ginger with fun sewing-themed details.