Setting sewing goals for 2017

As I sit down at my sewing machine, I feel calm. I feel like I'm in my happy space. I'm creating something and I love the feeling that it creates.
But too often, I don't take the time to sew. I have piles of fabric sitting in my cupboard, just waiting. Piles of unrealised happiness. 
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Threadistry Best of 2016

Wow! Another year almost over, and it's time for reflection on the year gone by, before setting some goals for the year ahead. Threadistry has been steadily growing and my vision is slowly becoming a reality. Thank you all for joining me on this journey! Read more about Threadistry Best of 2016

Make your Christmas glow with 21 Reindeer sewing patterns

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is absolutely my favourite Christmas song. I can relate to being a little different and people not really understanding me. I didn't have quite as dramatic a moment of finding my place in the world, but I'm so much happier being a part of the sewing community and finding a place to be myself.

So as I look around at my Christmas decorations, I realise I'm not doing enough to celebrate this beautiful icon of Christmas. It's time for me to sew a reindeer, with a red nose of course. Read more about Make your Christmas glow with 21 Reindeer sewing patterns


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