Men's Hoodie sewing patterns | Sewing for Men

It can be so hard to find sewing patterns for men, and I haven't shared many men's patterns on the Threadistry blog. But it's time to change that, and I've set a goal to share sewing patterns for men at least once a month, starting with men's hoodie sewing patterns.

From zip-ups to pullovers, there are some great hoodie patterns for men out there, perfect for throwing on when the temperature drops in the evening or layer to stay warm on a winter's day.

Make a hoodie for the man in your life with the best men's hoodie sewing patterns:

Sewing Craft Kits: gift ideas for sewists

While there are a million and one things you can buy someone who sews, it's hard to know what they want. Sending them to the craft store with a list can be intimidating to the non-sewer. Sewing craft kits make a great gift idea for sewists. A little package with the fabric and pattern for a project takes out all the stress and is a gift they're sure to love.

Now, craft kits may bring to mind two pieces of cut out felt, some yarn and a plastic needle, but there are sewing kits designed for adults too. With Mother's Day is right around the corner, here are some adorable sewing craft kits:

Easy Cardigan Sewing Patterns for women to take off the chill

When you think of cardigans, do you think of something boring and dull, that old people wear? These easy cardigan sewing patterns for women are stylish and fun. They are perfect to wear in the evenings when there's a chill in the air. Throw one on when you need to wear a few layers, or keep one in your handbag for when the temperature in the cinema is way too cold.

11 baby sandals sewing patterns for sweltering summer days

Baby shoes are so cute, and handmade baby shoes are even better. When the weather gets hot, it's time to get out the baby sandals sewing patterns. Protect baby's precious feet but keep them cool at the same time.

DIY baby sandals make a great baby shower gift idea too for the friend who's having a summer baby (and they're guaranteed not to get too many baby flip-flops, unlike so many other baby shower gifts!).

Here's a cute collection of baby sandal sewing patterns for boys and girls to wear on hot days:

Fave Fabric Friday: Hollywood Pixies

For this week's Fave Fabric Friday, I'm in love with Hollywood Pixies that has just been released by Michael Miller.


It's a fun Christmas collection (although some of the prints are subtle enough to be used all year round), with pixies and holly and Christmas trees. The collection comes in two colourways. Above is the Hollyberry colour-way, which is the traditional Christmas colours of red and bright green, with splashes of pale blue and peach.