Fave Fabric Friday: But First, Coffee

I love fabric! Everyone who knows me knows I love fabric. Since you're here, I'm guessing you do too! I could spend hours (without kids!) wandering around fabric stores, touching all the fabric and dreaming about what I could make. When I can't make it to a fabric store, I satisfy my craving by browsing my favourite fabric websites.

There's just so much pretty fabric in the world!

How to use a binding foot

Sew perfect binding every time with an adjustable binding foot. An easy tutorial with lots of tips here for how to use a binding foot for quilting or clothes. I'll never sew bias binding another way after using this cheap tool that's available for most sewing machines, including Janome, Brother and Bernina. 

Create an amazing miniature sewing display

Do you collect anything? My Mum used to collect crystal and glass figurines. When Christmas came around, it was always easy to find something to add to Mum's collection. Each year, we'd watch her collection grow and remember who gave her which one and why.

I don't have a collection of my own (unless you count my extensive fabric collection!), and my family always find it hard to find something to buy for me.

25 best absolute beginner sewing projects (you'll WANT to sew)

Just because you've never sewn a seam, learning to sew shouldn't be boring. Find the perfect beginner sewing projects with this collection of patterns and tutorials. Clothing, accessories, quilts, bags and projects for home - there's something for everybody! 

I grew up watching Mum sew my clothes. However, I didn't learn to sew until high school, in a Home Economics class. I still remember the class clearly. Teenage boys and girls sitting in front of sewing machines in pairs, wondering how to get started.

After a safety warning about the dangers of the needle (who would be the first kid to pierce their finger?) and a demonstration of how to use the pedal and the handwheel, the teacher set us our first challenge.

Sewing straight lines on paper (no thread). Oh, the excitement!

When we could prove we could sew a straight line (well, for the length of a sheet of paper), we moved on to corners and curves. Trust me, there was no great sense of achievement and the feeling of a job well done.

When we mastered sewing lines on paper, our time had come. We were actually going to use our sewing machines to create something out of fabric. Something we could actually use. Our Home Economics teacher revealed that the project would be....