Community Guidelines

Welcome to Threadistry

Threadistry is a place to share your sewing. We want Threadistry to be a fun and friendly place for everyone and want our users to be kind and respectful to each other.

By using Threadistry, you agree to follow these rules and guidelines. Threadistry Moderators, and Threadistry will enforce these rules. Threadistry is at its best when people are civil and respectful toward one another and these rules are meant to help our community grow and stay healthy. Repeated or egregious violations of Threadistry rules will lead to being blocked from the forums, having commenting privileges revoked, or being banned from having a Threadistry account.

Be Respectful
As a Threadistry member, you are part of a community, and you are responsible for contributing to the tone and vibe of that community. If you don't feel you can contribute to the site in a positive manner, perhaps it's not for you!

  • Respect people's personal space and work. If you have negative comments about someone's personal projects etc., keep them to yourself.
  • Please DO NOT be rude, nasty or engage in bullying. Personal attacks, harassment, and personal threats are not allowed on Threadistry. Attacking or harassing any person through the posting of off-site links is also not permitted.
  • Hate speech and hateful imagery is not permitted on Threadistry.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Do not post the contents of private communications or personal information about other Threadistry members that cannot be found on their profiles without permission. You may not link to off-site privacy violations.
  • We at Threadistry are people, too. We work hard to keep improving the site and love getting helpful ideas and feedback from our members. When problems arise, we do our best to be fair and nice people. We require that community members interact with us in a respectful manner, and while we understand that people get upset, we will not take abuse (our call) and we reserve the right to deny you access to the site at any time.

Be Constructive
Ravelry is not customer service! If you have negative feedback about a business to share, share it with the owner first. When posting reviews that contain negative feedback, remember that you are talking about somebody's livelihood.

  • Libelous comments are not permitted. Back up your claims with facts.
  • There is no place for vendettas on Threadistry. If we suspect that your goal is to cause harm to a business or person that you feel has wronged you, your posts will be deleted and your posting privileges may be affected.

Keep it Clean

  • Refrain from adult language in comments and on the forums.
  • No adult language in avatars or usernames.
  • Nudity or graphic violence in avatars or other photos is not permitted.

Don't Spam
Please share your work, but don't spam.