Alpaca and llama plush

Sew your own big, cuddly alpaca and llama plush with my detailed photo and video tutorial! Sewing with my patterns is stress-free; my customers say that my patterns are so easy to understand, that it's like taking a class with me. I will walk you through each step in the instructions, including how to make basic stitches.

Alpaca is oh so cute and huggable! Floppy limbs and large cuddle size make alpaca a great playmate (12” tall, 6” wide, and 12” long with feet). This soft toy can be made with cuddly eyelash minky, stretchy sherpa, or other stretchy fluffy fabric, and is durable with strong, hidden seams.

Includes pattern and tutorials for alpaca with accessories: capelet with puff balls, bow, and scarf.

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Designer TeacupLion
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Pattern Source Pattern (pdf or printed)
Pattern Type Print at home (pdf)
Gender Female, Male, Unisex
Tags Llama, Alpaca
Language English
Suggested Fabric Options Fleece
Price $15.75 USD