The Bib of All Bibs – Towel Bib Tutorial

These towel bibs are the best thing that ever happened to my baby’s meal time. I could go on and on! I’ll explain why they are so awesome. First off, its a towel.. and towels are super soft and absorbent! These bibs will catch anything and everything your baby can throw at them 😉 They are reversible… which means… they can last for days without needing to be thrown in the wash! They wash up super soft and fluffy every time! They are HUGE and cover every inch of baby that could possibly get stained.. Speaking of stains. These stop all those hard to wash baby food and juice stains. I can’t tell you how many baby shirts I have thrown out in the past because I just couldn’t get those impossible sweet potato stains to come out! No more.. My little messy girl walks away from every meal clean as a whistle! And probably my favorite part about these towels.. You can use them to wipe your baby’s hands and face when they are done eating! {sigh} These are the best invention ever.

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