Car Seat Organizer

Organize your Commute and Road Trips

Get your car organized and your drive with your kids will be so much easier. Make one for each child to pack for their car activities and breath a sigh of relief when there is quiet back there!!

Step by step pattern directions for a car seat organizer. Get all your child's car treasures organized in one easy place. Easily customize your pockets to hold crayons, books, DVD's and snacks up and out of the way. Simplify your life in one of your busiest places... the car!

These make great gifts for new moms as well as any vehicle owner. They are incredibly versatile for any style or color. You can use cotton, canvas, denim, etc.

Includes instructions to change your pocket sizes depending on personal needs. Fits almost any car seat and the elastic strap keeps your organizer flush to your car seat. This ensures it stays clean from all the dirty boots and kiddies getting in an out of the car. 

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Designer Blissful Patterns
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Suggested Fabric Options Quilting Cotton
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