Crazy Space Quiet Book Playmat

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There are 18+ ACTIVITIES for your child to explore in this Adorable FELT Quiet Book/Playmat!
Open the cover to view a CRAZY SPACE scene!
1. SLIDE the comets
2. PULL the falling stars
3. PUSH the bead through the spiral planet maze
4. BUTTON the star
5. SNAP the magnetic star
6. STRING the moons- little to big
7. SPIN the star
8. INSERT the aliens in the blue spaceship
9. THREAD the cord through the ribbon orbits
10. TURN the wheel to see 3 different aliens in the orange spaceship
11. MATCH the asteroids to their shapes and SNAP in place
12. PUT the green spaceship puzzle together
13. MAKE the volcano erupt
14. PEEK behind the craters and see the Alien Bugs
15. UNLOOP the large craters and see 2 aliens pop up
16. PULL the strings to see 2 aliens peek out
17. COLOR MATCH the aliens to the circles on the green spaceship
18. FIND other places for the little round aliens: ride the comets? spin on the star!
The Quiet Book measures 12” x 12” when closed.
Open the cover to find a playmat which measures 12” x 24”.
Fabric handles make this quiet book/playmat fun and easy to carry around. You’ll appreciate the combination of imaginative play, along with the educational value of this delightful quiet book/playmat!
Plus, this felt playset features fabulous color, soft textures, delightful designs AND my TRADEMARK touches of WHIMSY!!

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Designer LindyJDesign
Pattern Type Print at home (pdf)
Category Toys > Quiet book
Tags Space, Quiet book, Playmat
Language English
Suggested Fabrics Felt
Price $7.00 USD