Darth Vader Quilt

Every now and then I get in the mood to make a quilt, I asked Jude, “If I made you a quilt what would you want it to be?” Expecting a color, or theme, or well any answer other than what I got. “Can you make a Darth Vader Quilt?”  His request was simple, I can totally do that, they even make Darth Vader fabric. I could have sewn a few cut squares together with Darth Vader print and called it a day. But you know what? Sewing is much more magical than that, and quilting is like drawing with fabric. So I decided to design Darth Vader on to a quilt. I mapped it out, selected my fabrics and went for it. When I showed Jude the final product he said “Woah! That is so cool!” Then he stared at it for a few hours. Now he may have thought a quilt with Darth Vader fabric would have been just as cool, sure. But come on this is way cooler.

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Designer Shwin and Shwin
Available at https://shwinandshwin.com/2014/10/darth-vader-quilt-free-pattern.html
Pattern Source Blog or other free website
Pattern Type Print at home (pdf)
Gender Male, Unisex
Tags Star Wars, Darth Vader
Language English
Quilt Size Lap
Suggested Fabric Options Quilting Cotton
Price $0.00 USD