Fabric origami butterfly hair clip

I’m inspired lately to make hair clips for my little one. No wonder if you only look at her hair! She’s going to kindergarten each morning with one or two braids and a handful of hair clips to hold the hair in place and while she gets to the door, her rebellious hair is already in a desperate need of a re-do… This is every morning! I would’ve let her hair to play with the wind, but it’s the kindergarten policy to have it on a ponytail or braided.
I’m not a big fan of the ribbon “sculpted” hair clips. I like the lined ones, but that’s it. I’m a felt and fabric person. So I made this fabric origami butterfly hair clip. It can go on a brooch too, or even on a dress or hat.

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Designer Lena's Place
Available at http://babysewingpattern.com/fabric-origami-butterfly-hair-clip-tutorial/
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Pattern Type Drafting instructions only
Gender Female
Tags Butterfly, Hairclip
Language English
Suggested Fabric Options Quilting Cotton
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