Himalayan “Movement” kitten

Cat sewing pattern

Poco Minuto is a 12” Himalayan “Movement” kitten (meaning it has 6 joints, an independent neck, armature and is designed to pose in many ways including standing upright, standing on four legs, laying, etc. This cat is so versatile!

I’m happy to offer a cat pattern, which many of you have been searching for. It is relatively simple to sew although it does require a lot of finessing when finishing the head with needle sculpting, coloring and scissor trimming. To make things even simpler, the ears are sewn by machine as you construct the cat and there are marks for eye placement.

This Himalayan kitten is designed with alpaca in mind but you could make it in mohair or synthetics in your favorite cat coloration. The recommended fur (alpaca) is 1” but I recommend that you trim down the legs (¾”), feet (1/2”) and face as you get close to finishing your piece.

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Designer marygardenart
Where to buy https://www.etsy.com/listing/535679835/cat-sewing-pattern-kitten-pattern-pdf
Pattern Source Pattern (pdf or printed)
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Tags Cat
Language English
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