Izzy Insomniac Teddy Bear

I seem to have more and more sleepless nights as I get older, BUT I get some of the BEST ideas for patterns in the middle of the night so I shouldn't complain! Izzy INSOMNIAC and Sleepy Sheepie make comforting companions while you while away the wee hours waiting for SLEEEEEEEP!!! They'd be a great middle-of-the-night-project for any INSOMNIAC!
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Designer FunkyFriendsFactory
Available at http://www.funkyfriendsfactory.com/izzy-insomniac-teddy-bear-sewing-pattern-instant-download
Pattern Source Pattern (pdf or printed)
Pattern Type Print at home (pdf)
Gender Female, Male, Unisex
Tags Bear, Teddy bear, Teddy
Language English
Price $12.99 USD