Jordan Baby T-Strap Shoes

Jordan Baby T-Strap Shoes are adorable bootie-style shoes suitable for all babies. Because this design is gender-neutral, you may make it appropriate to your baby’s gender by choosing a more boyish or girlish fabric. Or, if you have a matching outfit in mind or they’re going to be a present for an expecting mother-to-be, you may want to leave them unisex. The choice is yours. Jordan Baby Shoes are especially great when worn outdoors in the stroller in the warmer, sunnier weathers. They are also ideal when worn for indoor play. 

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Designer IThinkSewDesign
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Pattern Source Pattern (pdf or printed)
Pattern Type Print at home (pdf)
Gender Female
Tags T-Strap, baby, Booties, Slippers, Shoe, Baby Shower
Language English
Suggested Fabric Options Cotton, Quilting Cotton
Price $4.95 USD