Kiwianan Undies

When Portia started toilet training at just over 2 years I pull out all of Brylie’s undies. Alas as Portia is a mini wee thing (79.5 cm tall and 9.8 kg heavy) they were huge on her.

So…I decided I would design a pair of undies that fit her properly and her the right (teeny) size.

These undies are a great scrap buster as they use smaller piece of knit fabric. And it doesn’t have to be bought fabric either, these are great for up-cycling an old t-shirt.

With good bum coverage and no gaping at the legs, you will have no issue of anything being exposed by accident, because as you all know, little ladies aren’t really little ladies!!

But these undies aren’t just for little/big ladies, these also work for boys too.

These undies do not work on age size but on HIP/BUM MEASUREMENT as all children are different shapes and sizes.

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Designer Little Kiwis Closet
Pattern Type Print at home (pdf)
Category Clothing > Intimate Apparel
Age/Size 12 months to 13 (Teen)
Gender Female, Male, Unisex
Tags Underwear, Undies, Jocks, Panties
Language English
Suggested Fabrics Jersey
Price $9.00 USD

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