Mouse Mobile

This car is almost completely made of two layers of wool felt with a thin cardboard layer in between. 
It is really a pleasure to make. It comes with an extended description and this one is professionally translated.

A lot af details make it such a lovely car, I was inspired by the Morris Minor when I made this.

And who is going to ride this car? Well, mayby Morris & Miny, to cute mice. Look for their patterns in this shop when they go for a winter holiday or when they will get married. See the last two pictures!

The car ia about 30 cm long.

And with Morris and Miny Just Married, it is a great wedding gift! You will make both, bride and Groom happy with it.

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Designer WoolFeltWonders
Category Toys > Other Toys
Tags Car, Automobile
Language English
Suggested Fabrics Felt
Price $14.60 USD