Purse Organizers and Pocket Roll

Here is a sewing pattern for you to make a sturdy Purse Organizer in any of the three styles included. The Organizers are made using materials that are easily gathered and a fairly easy construction method that is described in step-by-step detail and accompanied by color photos and diagrams to show you what your piece should look like along the way and at completion.

No more searching in the bottom of your bag for your pens, phone, keys, lipstick, glasses, calculator, hand sanitizer, gum, jump drives, wallet, checkbook, cd’s, etc! Just pop them in the pockets of your Organizer! When you want to change handbags, just pull out your Organizer and pop it in the bottom of your new handbag. Everything stays in it’s place! The Organizer Inserts have a large area in the center, with closed bottoms, and a row of pockets on the inside as well as the outside. The Pocket Roll is adjustable to fit a number of bag sizes and configurations. It can be rolled, folded in many configurations to fit a purse, bag, briefcase, etc.

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Pattern details

Price: $8