Set of 11 Nativity Puppets

These are in the hoop machine embroidery applique DIGITAL DESIGN FILES.

You will receive11 puppet designs in 3 sizes. An adult size, a child size and a finger puppet. The finger puppets have some filled stitch areas, the larger two are mostly applique.

These designs will come with PDF instruction sheets to help you sew them out.

You will receive the following puppet designs:

Mary and Baby Jesus*
Shepherd Boy
Wise Man 1
Wise Man 2
Wise Man 3

*Mary and Baby Jesus come together. For the hand puppets, Baby Jesus comes as a finger puppet. Mary’s Dress is also sewn with a pocket which can hold Jesus. For the Finger sized set, Baby Jesus comes as a feltie that can also be placed in Mary’s dress pocket.

in 3 sizes:

Finger Puppet (4×4 hoop)
Child Hand Puppet (5×7 hoop)
Adult Hand Puppet (6×10 hoop)

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Pattern details

Price: $33