Where's Max FELT Quiet Book

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It features Max, a cute little puppy, who hides in different places throughout the house.
Your little one will have so much fun discovering where Max is hiding. There is ALSO a hidden BONE on each page. This book is adorably interactive and your child will want to play with it over and over again!
There are 8 felt pages with original designs and techniques and is as FUN to MAKE as it is to share with your little ones.
Pages include:
1. Front Cover -with a door pocket for storing Max
2. The Chair- Max is hiding behind the chair. Where is the bone?
3. The Bed- Lift the quilt to find Max all tucked in!
4. The Laundry- Max has made a little bed for himself in the clean clothes!
5. The Tub- Max hides behind the shower curtain or in the tub!
6. The Kitchen Cabinet- open the door to find Max in one of the pots.
7. The Toy Shelves- Max thinks he is pretty sneaky hiding behind the big ball!
8. Back Cover- “woof!”
The quiet book measures 9” x 9”

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Designer LindyJDesign
Pattern Type Print at home (pdf)
Category Toys > Quiet book
Tags Dog
Language English
Suggested Fabrics Felt
Price $7.00 USD