Womens Activewear ‘Get Moving’ Leggings (XXS-6X)

These low to mid rise, elastic free, yoga style leggings are designed to be almost as tight as performance compression wear when made with more structured 4 way stretch knits. Theory is, the snug fabric actually helps increase and improve blood flow while working out. I just find them comfortable whether running or cleaning the house.

If you want a more casual ‘around the house’ legging, try using an even stretchier fabric and like maternity wear you can make them one size larger. They also make the perfect leggings and long underwear for layering. While the basic pattern has more room in the crotch than most leggings we have also included an optional triangle gusset for those who want just a little more mobility or who struggle with seams pulling at the crotch.

This pattern includes 12 womens sizes, with 3 waistband options and 6 length options.

One of the big reasons we updated it after 4 years is that we have access to a LOT more knit fabrics now and the finished fit can vary based on the knit fabric used, particularly in length. Also more structured fabrics will offer more compression. Testers feel the newest version made an already awesome pattern even better!

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Designer EYMM
Where to buy http://www.eymm.com/product/womens-activewear-get-moving-fitted-bottoms-leggings-xs-5x/
Pattern Source Pattern (pdf or printed)
Pattern Type Print at home (pdf)
Clothing Features Short-shorts, Jamaica (Mid-Thigh), Bermuda (Lower Thigh), Capri, Ankle-length, Leggings
Age or Size Adult
Gender Female
Language English
Suggested Fabric Options Lycra, Spandex
Price $9.95 USD