Zandra Weekender

Bag sewing pattern

Zandra Weekender is designed to perfectly fit your needs on a short trip! It has plenty of pockets, which also makes it a great baby bag/ diaper bag! Zandra has a total of 11 pockets, 6 inside, and 5 outside! Inside are elastic pockets on 3 sides, with a specially designed mesh/vinyl pocket on the 4th side.
Outside is the super-awesome nifty zippered flap pocket that hides small items within, and has more elastic pockets inside. This is the perfect place for toiletries, or just for those easy to get to items!
The tapered gusset is wider on the bottom than the top, allowing more clothes/items to fit inside easily.
Elastic pockets on the outer sides are the perfect place for a water bottle, keys, etc. Zip the whole thing up and travel in style with your own personal fabric touches.

17" wide x 11" tall x 7" bottom, 4" top deep

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Designer CloudsplitterBags
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