Is your serger misbehaving?

Follow these steps to get your sewing back on track!

Is the thread aerial up? Is the presser foot down? (Yes, I've done both of these!)

Have you missed something simple?

1. Check your tension settings haven't changed.   2. Is the thread is in the tension discs? 3. Rethread your machine (presser foot up, in the order specified by your manual).

Is the tension or threading wrong?

If the fabric is rippling or gathering, adjust the differential feed. If you're experiencing skipped stitches, try changing the needles.

Skipped stitches or stretched seams?

Clean out any lint of fluff that has built up (where does it all come from???).  Floss the tension discs and clean the feed dogs while you're at it.

Stray threads or lint building up?

Swipe up 👆 for the Complete serger  troubleshooting guide