The best Star Wars Christmas Cross-Stitch patterns

If you love Christmas and you love Star Wars, why not combine the two with these Star Wars Christmas Cross-Stitch patterns?

Whether you’re on the Dark Side or part of the Rebellion, there’s a perfect Star War Christmas cross-stitch pattern for all Star Wars-Lovers.

Christmas is strong on the Dark Side if these Darth Vader cross-stitch patterns are anything to go by!

Darth Vader Christmas Cross-Stitch Patterns

I love this Darth Vader with reindeer antlers cross-stitch pattern. It comes with two options – “I find your lack of cheer disturbing” and “I find your lack of holiday spirit disturbing”.

Darth Vader with reindeer antlers cross-stitch pattern.

I also find the “I am your Father Christmas” cross-stitch pattern from Knerdly Knits hilarious.

No Star Wars collection could be complete without Yoda. The face details of this Yoda Christmas cross-stitch pattern from Knerdly Knits.

Yoda Christmas Cross-stitch Pattern

While C3PO is my favourite droid, he doesn’t seem to feature in any Christmas cross-stitch patterns. BB8 and R2D2 do though.

Droid Star Wars Christmas Cross-Stitch Patterns

BB8 is just perfect as a snowmаn in this cross-stitch pattern from Rainbowstitchcross.

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