Let's learn about fabric nap


After you’ve been sewing a while, you might be tempted to explore different types of fabrics. One thing to consider is the direction or nap of a fabric.

Here’s everything you need to know about fabric nap.

The pile or texture is created in the weaving process of the fabric. Nap can refer to any fabric that has a directional appearance or texture – that is, the fabric looks different depending on which way it is held up or rubbed.

What is nap in sewing?

Lots of different fabrics have nap, including: -Velvet -Velour -Velveteen -Corduroy

What types of fabric have nap?

The color and texture of a napped fabric can appear different depending on the direction of the nap. It is often lighter and shiny with the nap, and matte and darker against the nap.

Why is fabric nap important in sewing?

Cut all pattern pieces in the same direction (unless you are using the nap as a feature).

How to cut fabric with nap?

Positioning fabric pieces together can be tricky for fabric with nap. It can slide easily in one direction and grip like Velcro in the other, making it difficult to get seams to line up.

How to sew fabric with nap?

Press the fabric as little as possible and use gentle pressure.

How to press fabrics with nap?

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