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Winter Warmers: Women's Hoodie Sewing Patterns

The word hoodie brings to mind a teenage boy, hood up, slouching in the dark, up to no good. But seriously, everyone needs a hoodie! On a cold day, pull the hood up to keep warm (or keep your hair dry when you forget your umbrella!). Now, on some days a bulky over-sized hoodie is the perfect option. But what about those times when you want to stay warm but still look feminine and pretty?  Check out these stylish women's hoodie sewing patterns:

Ultimate Gift Guide: 100+ Gifts for Sewers

Are you looking for gifts for people who sew? Or are you the one who sews and are looking for ideas for what to add to your Christmas or birthday list? I've rounded up the best gifts for sewers (that's sew-ers, not the pipes that carry, ahem, drainage water and waste matter!). You'll never be short of ideas for gifts for the sewing enthusiast with this collection of more than 100 sewing-themed gifts.

This post has been updated for Christmas 2019.