Flat Teddy Bear sewing tutorial

Flat Teddy is a quick and easy sewing project. It's my go-to handmade baby shower gift!

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Minky, fleece faux fur or flannel fabric (less than a fat quarter).

Fiber fill or other stuffing material

Basic sewing supplies (Scissors, ruler, sewing machine, iron, pins)

Embroidery floss

All purpose or cotton thread






Gather your supplies

Cut out your fabric

You'll need:

2 body pieces 4 ear pieces 4 arm pieces 4 leg pieces

Use 6 strands of embroidery thread.

Embroider the face

Sew around the outside of the ears, arms and leg pieces, leaving one side open.

Time to sew!

Turn the arms, legs and ears right sides out, lightly stuff with fiber fill and baste into position.

Stuff and stitch!

Line up the back piece (with right sides together) and stitch into place. Leave an opening between the legs for stuffing.

Add the back piece

Snip the seam allowance at the neck, turn the fabric right side out and get stuffing. Hand sew the gap with a ladder stitch.

Turn and stuff!

your Flat Teddy Bear!

Time to cuddle

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