How to keep track of which needle is in your sewing machine

If you’re like me, and you sew with different weights and types of fabric, it can be difficult to remember which needle you last used in your sewing machine.

I sew so many different projects that it all starts to blur together and I have no idea which needle is in there.

I’ve found a few easier strategies to keep track. Here are my favourite ways to remember which needle is in your sewing machine.

First, you can write it on a sticky note and stick that to your machine. Simple, but it does take a bit of effort and if you’re leaving it on for a while, that sticky note may not stick so well and float away.

Write it on a sticky note

Leave a scrap of fabric under the needle of your machine. When you head back to sew your next project, you’ll remember what your last project was and, hopefully, what needle you used.

Use a fabric scrap

This is the method that I use the most. I store the case the needle came in in the storage compartment of my sewing machine.

Put the needle case in a special spot

Another option is to Blutak the packet onto your sewing machine wherever works best for you.

Using the needle case works really well when the packet only contains one size of needle. But what if you have one of those assorted needle packets with different sizes in one case?

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