How To Remove Lint From A Sewing Machine

If you’ve been sewing for a while, it’s only a matter of time before you go to change the bobbin and discover lint and dust bunnies have been breeding like crazy in your sewing machine.

So schedule in time to give your sewing machine a clean inside out to make sure it runs smoothly. Here are my tips for how to remove lint from a sewing machine.

– Brushes – Tweezers – Soft microfibre cloth – Screwdriver  – Mini vacuum cleaner


Turn off and unplug your sewing machine before cleaning out the lint. You don’t want to accidentally knock the presser foot whilst you’re poking around in the hidey-holes of your sewing machine.


Wipe the outside of your sewing machine with a microfibre cloth to remove any lint or dust.

Remove the needle plate and/or open bobbin area cover. You may need to use the screwdriver that came with your machine for this.

Sweep the larger brush around to catch the lint. You want it to get caught up in the bristles of the brush. Then use a smaller brush or pipe cleaner to get into the smaller areas. Clean around the bobbin, the feed dogs and any other accessible area.

With the machine unthreaded and the presser foot up, run a thin cloth or piece of dental floss through the tension discs to remove any lint or threads that may get caught there.

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