How To Sew A Fabric Rose

Learn how to create a beautiful fabric rose with this easy-to-follow sewing tutorial!

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of creating a stunning rose that you can use to embellish clothing, accessories, or home decor. They look really cute on a hairclip!

– 3-inch (8cm) strip of organza – Matching thread – Small piece of green felt for leaves – Small felt circle – Sewing machine


Cut a fabric strip. If you don’t have a wonky leftover scrap of fabric like me, cut a fabric strip on an angle going from around 3 inches (8cm) at one selvedge to 1.5 inches (3-4cm) at the other.


Adjust your sewing machine settings. I set my stitch length to the longest possible (which is 5 on my Janome MC3500) and increase the tension to maximum (which is 9 for me).

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and sew along the edge of the fabric with a 3/8 inch (1cm seam allowance).

Roll the fabric into a rose. Starting at the shortest end, slowly fold and wind it around, hand-stitching it in place at the back every now and then keep wrapping and stitching.

To make it into a hairclip, I hot-glued two leaves (cut out of felt) and a felt circle onto the back, and then hot-glued a hairclip on the back.

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