How to sew a pot holder: sewing for beginners

A pot holder or hot pad is a great sewing project for beginners. It uses only straight stitches, and is a practical item that everyone can use.

Add a personal touch to your kitchen with this easy sewing tutorial.

- Outer fabric made from natural fibres - Inner insulating material - Double fold bias binding - Basic sewing supplies


Cut your front fabric (or quilt block) to the desired sized.

How to sew a pot holder

Cut the two layers of insulating material approximately 0.5 inches bigger than the front fabric.

Cut the backing fabric another 0.5 inches bigger than the insulating material. This makes it easier to quilt all the layers and allows some shifting of the fabric whilst quilting.

Place the backing fabric right side down. Place the batting or towelling on top, then place the Insul-Bright on top of that. Lastly place the front fabric on top.

Pin or use wonderclips to hold all the layers together.

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