Keep Track Of Your Fabric With Free Printable Fabric Stash Labels

Is your fabric stash growing faster than you can sew? These fabric stash labels will help you keep track of your fabric.

When I first started sewing (and building my fabric stash), my fabric collection consisted of quilting cotton, cotton lycra and felt. I didn’t have a whole lot of fabric, and it was pretty easy to tell which one was which!

This template is designed for knit fabrics (but can also be used for woven) and includes: -Fabric name -Composition -Width and Length -Weight

So I created these simple fabric stash labels

I like to store my knit fabrics rolled up. I find it easier to see what I have and be able to pull out a roll without having all my fabrics topple over. The fabric labels wrap around the rolls, and then I tape them in place.

If the rolled up fabric is too large for the label, I either tape it on with washi tape or masking tape (that won’t leave a residue on the fabric) or grab another strip of paper and tape the two pieces together.

I’ve also created a smaller label, without the wrap-around, if you prefer to pin or stick it to your fabric (especially if you’re a fabric stacker!)

Now I can quickly see if a fabric is suitable for a pattern (and order more if I loved it!).

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