Mini Christmas stocking gift card holder sewing tutorial

I’m a big fan of giving gift cards as gifts. It’s a bit more personal than cash, but still makes sure the person gets something they want. But it’s no fun to just hand over a gift card or put it in a card.

Why not hang it on your Christmas tree with this cute DIY Christmas stocking gift card holder? Maybe even hide it amongst the decorations as a Christmas day treasure hunt!

– Christmas stocking gift card holder pattern template – Red quilting cotton – Green quilting cotton – White fleece – Ribbon


Download and print the pattern template pieces. Cut out the fabric pieces.


To attach the toe and heel, place the fusible web on the right side of the main stocking fabric as shown on the pattern piece.

Place the heel and toe fabric on top of the fusible web and fuse in place (follow the instructions for your specific fusible web).

Place a pressing cloth over your fabric before ironing it in place. This will prevent any overhanging web from sticking to your iron.

Stitch the heel and toe in place using a blanket, satin, zigzag or straight stitch (depending on your preferred look) along the edges not in the seam allowance.

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