Serger Troubles? 

Here's How to Fix Them!

Sewing with a serger can be fast and give a professional-finish. But when things go wrong, it can be difficult to know where to start troubleshooting.  Here's what to check:

Is the Aerial UP?

Pull it up as far as it will go. If it's not up, your stitches may look uneven.

Is the presser foot down?

With thick fabric, it can be hard to tell! Depending on your fabric, your stitched may look like this:

- Have the dials been bumped? - Is it set up for a rolled hem? - Is a small adjustment needed to get the stitches look good?

Check your Tension settings

Are the Threads in the tension Discs?

Was it threaded with the presser foot up? Gently floss the thread into position (and check there's no loose threads in the discs!)

Was it threaded in the correct order?

It feels like black magic, but that order is important!

Other serger reboot ideas

Change the needle

Remove any lint

Adjust the presser foot pressure

When all else fails, take it in for a service.

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