Sew a new best friend with the cutest Stuffed Dog Patterns

If you’re a dog person or you know a little kid who loves dogs (like my son!), learn how to make a stuffed dog with these gorgeous sewing patterns.

A sweet plush dog pattern from Funky Friends Factory. He reminds me of my old Pound Puppy with that big round nose and floppy ears!

Puppy Dog Pete

Buddy the Puppy Dog from Shiny Happy World is a sitting dog sewing pattern, with a bulldog-style face and short little ears.

Buddy the Puppy Dog

The Teacup Puppies from Teacup Lion are a puppy sewing pattern with options for 25 different breeds, including Chihuahuas, Huskies, Labrador retrievers, poodles and terriers.

Teacup Puppies

The Beagle and Pug pattern from Xanthe Patterns is a sweet and simple felt dog sewing pattern. They’d make a great baby toy without the safety eyes.

Beagle and Pug pattern

The Dachshund Dog from Sweater Doll is a  vintage-1960s-style stuffed dog sewing pattern. It can be made with or without the cutie hexie patch.

Dachshund Dog

Buster the dog is a puppy plush sewing pattern from Shiny Happy World just designed for cuddling. And look at that cute little tongue hanging out!

Buster the dog

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