Sewing with Double Brushed Poly (DBP)

It feels like I hear about a new fabric type every week. Double brushed poly is growing in popularity and is mentioned regularly in sewing Facebook groups and as a fabric option for lots of sewing patterns.

So what is double brushed poly and what can you sew with it? Here’s everything you need to know about Double Brushed Poly.

Double brushed poly is a jersey knit fabric that has been brushed on both sides to create a fuzzy texture. It is a polyester-spandex blend and typically has a 4-8% spandex.

What is Double Brushed Poly Fabric?

- T-shirts and tops - Dresses - Skirts - Headbands - Loungewear

What can I sew with Double Brushed Poly?

I find it curls a lot less than cotton lycra fabric. If your fabric is curling a lot, use sewing clips or pins to flatten it out or consider starching the cut edges of the fabric.

Tips for Sewing DBP

The brushed texture of DBP makes the fabric grip to itself, and it can be tricky to position your fabric. Lifting up and placing the fabric works better than trying to slide the fabric layers together.

Double brushed poly is an easy-care fabric. It is recommended to: - wash in cool to warm water - tumble dry on low or air dry - iron on a cool setting

How to care for DBP fabric

Double brushed poly can be found at more and more retailers of knit fabric. Some online options are: - - Cali Fabrics

Where to buy double brushed poly

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