Do you know when to adjust your stitch length?

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Stitch length is basically how long is each stitch sewn by your sewing machine.

What is stitch length?

On modern sewing machines, it's the length of a single stitch in millimeters.  Older/vintage machines may show the number of stitches per inch.

What does the number mean?

Use a longer stitch length for basting

Lightweight/sheer fabrics need a shorter stitch length to stop pulling and gathering.

Why do you adjust stitch length?

Top-stitching looks more professional with a longer length

Why do you adjust stitch length?

For sewing leather or vinyl, a longer stitch to reduces the number of holes punched into the fabric.

A shorter stitch length is better for smooth curves

A shorter stitch results in a stronger seam.

Why do you adjust stitch length?

But a shorter stitch length is harder to remove!

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