Types of Elastic for Sewing: Your Essential Guide to Perfect Stretch


Are you tired of installing uncomfortable and tricky closures like buttons and zippers? Look no further than the magical world of elastic!

Not only does it make clothing more comfortable (and is much easier to sew!), but it can also add a stylish touch, such as decorative ruching in both fashion and home decor.

Braided elastic is made by interlacing (or braiding!) strands of rubber or latex with polyester, nylon, or cotton fibres. It has horizontal ribbing and narrows when you stretch it.

Braided Elastic

Knit elastic is made from fine, lightweight fibres that are knitted together. It has a soft and stretchy texture, similar to a knitted fabric.

Knit Elastic

Woven elastic is constructed by weaving fibres together. It has a flat, smooth, and slightly shiny surface.

Woven Elastic/Non-roll Elastic

Now you know about the basic elastic types in sewing, let’s look at the more specialist elastics and their uses.

Specialty Elastic Types

Fold-over elastic (FOE) is a soft elastic with a groove in the centre that makes it fold in half easily. It can be folded over fabric edges, acting as binding and elastic in one.

Fold Over Elastic (FOE)

Clear elastic (or invisible elastic) is made of a clear, flexible material such as silicone or polyurethane.

Clear Elastic

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