Ultimate Gift Guide: 100+ Gifts for Sewers


Are you looking for gifts for people who sew? Or are you the one who sews and are looking for ideas for what to add to your Christmas or birthday list?

I’ve rounded up the best gifts for sewers (that’s sew-ers, not the pipes that carry, ahem, drainage water and waste matter!).

Sewing-themed jewellery can be such a fun way to show your love of sewing. Whether you want something small and subtle, or something big and bold, there’s the perfect sewing ornament for every personality!

Sewing Jewellery

• Make your own jewelry with the Tiny Hoops mini-embroidery kits.Necklace features a ruler with spool, scissors, button charms.

Some of the Sewing Jewellery:

It’s the 80s girl in me who just loves enamel pins! I want to cover my denim jacket lapels with these sewing beauties!

Sewing-Themed Enamel Pins

Sewing machine enamel pin from Punky Pins • Thread spool enamel pin from Justine Gilbuena

Some of the Sewing-Themed Enamel Pins:

Notions sound like boring sewing gift ideas, but there are so many cute options out there. Smile as you pull out your gorgeous seam ripper, measuring tape or scissors!

Fun sewing notions gift ideas

Doughnut sewing pattern weights from ArtnCraftyStudio. •  Eiffel tower scissors that are so cute.

Some of the Fun sewing notions gift ideas:

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