What do you call someone who sews?


If you’re new to sewing, you might be wondering what to call yourself. Are you a seamstress, tailor, sewer or sewist? Or is there something else? What do you call someone who sews?

If you sew as a profession, there are a few different terms that people use, each with slightly different meanings.

Sewing as a Profession

Tailor is defined as “a person whose occupation is making and/or altering fitted clothes such as suits, trousers, and jackets to fit individual customers.” – Dressmaker is a person whose job is to make women’s clothes (not just dresses).

Couturier is a fashion designer who creates bespoke apparel tailored to a client’s specific requirements and measurements. – Seamstress is a more general term for someone who sews, particularly professionally.

Seamster is an archaic term (that has also been suggested in recent times) for men who sew professionally. – Garment worker, sewing machine operator or sewing machinist are the terms used for people who sew in manufacturing or an industrial environment.

Just like someone who dives is a diver or someone who skis is a skier, someone who sews is a a sew-er, but if you take that dash out, well, it’s a little confusing (and stinky!).

Sewer (Sew-er)

The word sewist is gaining popularity among people describing their love of sewing, particularly among bloggers and on social media (where the word is more often written down).



A more specific term for some sewing is embroiderer – someone who adds decorative stitching to fabric.

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